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Custom Pet Portrait from Lorri Collins, Xmas Christmas Present Gift, Customized Dog Cat Art, Digital File or Canvas Painting.

Please contact me at lorrifox@gmail.com or by telephone: 650-619-0910

Cat portrait painting

I will transform your photo into a memory.

Pet Portraits from photos are custom painted by hand in my studio in Englewood, South Western Florida.

Dog Paintings by Elle Designs are guaranteed to please.

I have always had a dog in my life and Ive had all sorts of pets from mutts to pure bred, they have been my lifelong companions. Its sad that their lives are so short. I wish they could live longer. The hardest thing that you can do is say goodbye to your pet.

Custom Pet Portraits Pug Dog

My dog portraits are affordable and painted with attention to detail and appearance. With your feedback we can decide on a photo and background that will not only enhance your dogs portrait but integrate with your homes decor.

My love for animals show in all my pet portraits. Fine art work makes the perfect Christmas, Birthday, Fathers or Mothers day - A gift that cannot be duplicated!

Paintings are a wonderful surprise for a friend. All you need to start is one or two clear photos or digital images so I can begin your oil painting.

A letter from a client about her dog portrait.

Oh Lorri.... I don't know what to say! My husband and I are both emotional. You have captured Percy the way we knew and loved him. His eyes were always bright and looked as if he held great wisdom. The fact that you can portray this in a portrait is amazing. I just don't think any words can express how appreciative we are, and how beautiful the portrait is.
Thank you Lorri!!!!

Pet Portraits Pricing

If this is your first time visiting my site please look around, check out my Gallery of paintings.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have about my dog portraits.

I promise to contact you within 24 hours! In my Galleries you will find many different enhanced art of animals from all over the world.

Elle Designs - The Beginning

I decided, quite young, to start to paint portraits. My brother was a professional photographer and he had me printing photos in the bathroom with a make shift lab. He turned me on to design and formatting a painting. It is so important to find the best possible angle when you take that picture. It also started me on painting my pets. I tried Gouache (which they use to call poster paints) first then went right into oils after my Mother bought me my first oil set. I loved it and I’m still painting after 50 years.

I have often visited a Vet for my two pups and while I sit there I see many anxious owners with very sick pets. Sometimes these pets do not live much longer. They always say they wished they could have taken pictures of their pets when they were puppies or in happier times.

I encourage you to take photos of your pet and take them often. Even if you do not buy from me, you should take a photo and have it made into a work of art for you to keep.

When my dog was a puppy he looked so cute. Just a bundle of fluff. I'm glad we took lots of pictures because a dog can change from week to week. So take your camera and make sure you take some pictures once every week after you bring him home. These pictures will be and remain priceless.

I also offer pet photography. I charge $50.00 plus gas money for the photo shoot and you will get an 8 x 10 print on watercolor paper and a CD of all the pictures I take.

So if you are in the Englewood, Florida Area please give me a call and we can set up a time for a photo session of your dog or puppy. Phone 650-619-0910 or by Email Me!

I retain full copyright on all my work. Artwork & images may not be used or reproduced without my written permission

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